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Dead Girl

Loneliness is an ally to the painfully shattered soul
Reality is a distant memory that consumes all control
the simpleness of the complexities causes the room to spin
leaving me so broken and hollow deep within

Days flow into years and the blood of my sacrifice shows
Minutes grow into hours and the scar upon my heart grows
Forgotten Im the corpse of all the dreams you leave behind
Forever playing forward with no way to rewind

Fables guiding me along like the fools light
They light this thorn covered path that lays before me
And even as in vain I still try to make it all alright
I know that Im still the victim lying exposed for all to see

Battered by broken heroes and beaten by my lost dreams
A tragic example of truth in this surreal reality
Losing myself in these rhymes to hide from what it all means
Hiding from myself so that I dont get to me

Save me from myself, the mirror threatens as we speak
The dark beckons seductively calling its child home
And as strong as I pretend to be, in reality I am weak
And so I accept that Ill forever be alone…

Dead Girl

Категория: о Любви | Добавил: Лорни (2007-05-13) | Автор: Лоренц
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